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The World of Maple and Its Leading Figures

Male chef working industrial kitchen.
Male chef working industrial kitchen.

Many chefs from different backgrounds have discovered Canadian maple. They enjoy it not only for its flavour, but for its products’ many properties. These chefs are the stars of the world of maple and they are spreading the word for people to hear!

Among the most prominent figures of the maple industry, there is none other than our partner Philippe Mollé, a French chef living in Quebec since 1980. A huge fan of maple, a big believer in its health benefits and an inspired chef, Mr. Mollé has explored the world of maple and its infinite variety of flavours and textures.

According to Mr. Mollé, there are other well-known promoters and spokespeople of our locally-sourced product, one of them being celebrity chef Martin Picard, owner of the Au Pied de Cochon restaurant. “He has his own maple grove, said Mr. Mollé. He vows his time to all things maple. He believes in it and wants to make it shine!’’

Mr. Mollé’s top list of maple masters also includes Chef Joseph Viola who was named Meilleur ouvrier de France (a prestigious French title), Lyon chocolate maker Philippe Bernachon who comes from a long line of famous chocolate makers, and Japanese master chef Hiroshi Yamaguchi, named maple ambassador of Canada.

Thanks to the enthusiasm of these chefs and famous gourmets, maple is becoming increasingly popular and can be used in a myriad of new ways.

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