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Maple sugaring: Six easy steps to transform maple syrup

Maple sugar is a marvelous substitute for white sugar. Even today, homemade recipes are easy enough for one to transform maple syrup into maple sugar. In Canada, the early settlers saw it as a wonderful product easily available on their lands. Maple sugar responded to their basic needs as cane sugar was an expensive product.
White sugar was exclusively saved for special occasions. Subsequently, the pioneers of maple sugaring were tapping maple trees to collect the sap for everyday use. The sap, once boiled, was transformed into maple sugar for various recipes. Today, those traditional recipes are still used to transform maple syrup into maple sugar tasting like the one made by the early Canadian settlers.

The choice of syrup is crucial

Choosing the right maple syrup is decisive to produce the perfect maple sugar. Even though it can be made from any type of syrup, the perfect one is the A Category Light Amber. It is slightly easier to work with but is more expensive.

Gather your kitchen utensils

To prepare your sugar you will be needing a thick-bottomed pot with high rims, half a tablespoon of butter, a candy thermometer as well as a stand mixer. If you do not have a stand mixer, an electric hand mixer or even a wooden spoon and a bowl with high edges will do the trick.

The boiling step

Rub a large strip of butter inside the pot along the edges. This prevents your syrup from boiling over the edges and spilling. Pour the maple syrup into the pot, filling up to a third. Next, heat over high temperature and place the candy thermometer to the side of the pot. The syrup has to be boiled till it reaches 124 degrees Celsius.

Rigorous mixing

Once the syrup reaches the desired temperature, pour it into your mixing bowl and start stirring. This step is easy with a stand mixer, but if you use a spoon, it may be tiring. The syrup will become creamy and should eventually become granular. Once you have a fine, fluffy and off-white sugar, the maple sugar is ready.

Storing and using maple sugar

Once cooled down, the sugar should be stored in an airtight container at room temperature. It can be used in the same way as white sugar, but its rich flavor is particularly delicious in coffee and pies.

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