Maple sugar: An important ingredient in your kitchen

Maple, Canada’s national emblem, embodies both the spring resurrection of nature and the indispensable ornament of the Canadian landscape. In the depths of Canadian forests, pure maple syrup is one of the wonders of nature. Concentrated, it is converted into maple sugar. When the latter is processed in an artisanal way, it offers unique flavours to recipes. 

Production of maple sugar

The Indians were the first to discover the production of this legendary product. They bequeathed this know-how to the European pioneers, who greatly appreciated this product for its unique sweet taste. Maple sugar is the last product obtained by evaporating maple sap. Its producers monitor all the stages of the process- from harvesting to filling of containers directly in the sugar bushes. Maple sugar is replacing white and brown sugar amd this trend is on the rise. Pure granulated maple sugar is the ingredient you always need to have in hand in your kitchen. Whether you are a baker or a housewife, you can use maple sugar in all your recipes to replace refined sugar.

Giving a new life to your recipes

Maple sugar is a versatile ingredient that can be used in a variety of recipes: 

  • Beverages

At any time of the day simply pour some maple sugar into your coffee or tea; you will get a tastier beverage than ever. If you are serving cold drinks or juices, think about using maple sugar. Cut a quarter of citrus and rub it around the rim of your glasses. Next, spread maple sugar on your work surface and dip the glasses’ rims in the sugar to create a sugar ring around each one. Your guests will be pleasantly surprised. 

  • A tasteful breakfast

Whether you take whole oats, grains or granola at breakfast, just add some sugar maple and you will feel the tasty difference.

  • Desserts

Many of us just love a good dessert. Add some maple sugar to your favorite dessert will give a new flavour. It adjusts to any dessert you may think of.

  • Yogurt

Adding some maple sugar in your yogurt will give a flavourful twist to this common food item.

  • Waffles or pancakes

Sometimes you may feel bored with the known taste of waffles and pancakes. However, if you sprinkle maple sugar over them, drizzle maple syrup together with your favourite fruit, this dish will probably become your favorite!


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