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Maple Mood, Philippe Mollé and Vortex Solution: An Exceptional Team

Maple Mood was born out of a solid partnership between experts whose reputation in their respective industries is well established. The Maple Mood team, Philippe Mollé and the Vortex Solution team have joined forces to bring maple enthusiasts a selection of carefully chosen, well developed and easily accessible unique and all-natural maple products.


Chef Philippe Mollé, a notable figure in the world of maple

We are very proud to have worked with Philippe Mollé, one of the greatest connoisseurs of maple products in today’s culinary landscape. Originally from France, Philippe Mollé has been living in Canada since 1980. Mr. Mollé has an impressive track record of accomplishments including an executive chef position at Hôtel Vogue, a chef and co-owner position at St-Honoré, and five years’ teaching experience at l’ITHQ, where he was also kitchen manager at the Gastronomy Research Centre.


“I’ve worked so hard on this product [maple syrup], its subtle details, its flavour profiles, its colours… If you only knew the time I’ve invested in research and development’’, said Mr. Mollé.


Considered as a leading expert in his field, Mr. Mollé writes chronicles for Le Devoir and Radio-Canada and hosts gastronomy and travel TV shows. He has also written several bestselling cooking books.


Written in conjunction with the Fédération des producteurs acéricoles du Québec, his book, Le Grand Livre de l’Érable, is a culinary, historical and scientific go-to reference for all things maple.


Vortex Solution: an unrivalled web agency

Maple Mood has also received digital marketing support by Guy Michon and his team of 85 web enthusiasts at Vortex Solution, one of the most dynamic web agencies in Canada. For almost 20 years now, Vortex Solution has positioned itself as a leading player in the web field. With over 3,000 digital projects under its belt, Vortex Solution’s expertise in e-commerce, web performance and website development is acknowledged nationwide.


Maple Mood: More Than Just Sweet Delights!

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