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Early Christmas for Maple Syrup producers

The provincial and federal governments have announced a combined investment of more than $10 million for the development of the maple industry in the Madawaska and Restigouche regions. The projects include a variety of upgrades, such as purchasing new equipement for the processing of maple water, as well as expanding existing facilities, in order to improve production efficiency.

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The federal and provincial governments spend 10 million $ for the development of the NB maple industry the biggest investment of the history to this sector of activities.

20 projects for the Maple from Saint-Joseph-de-Madawaska has Val-d’amour will receive funding for expansion.

Ottawa will consent 7 7 million $ in repayable contributions for those initiatives while New Brunswick will invest 2 4 million $ in direct support.

To promote the development of the industry the provincial government decided to make available 4300 hectares of Crown land. This decision led Maple Syrup producers want to expand.

The Maple Grove of P’ P’tit 22 Inc. of St-Quentin is the number of companies that will benefit from this support. Ottawa will contribute $ 162 500 while the provincial government will make $ 55,800 for 7000 adding nicks both enlargement of the main pumping stations and the purchase of equipment for the collection and processing of maple water.

“It will allow us to expand. We are a young company that did not have the ability to only this project,”he said.

His sugar of 50 000 cuts launched in 2008 has an annual production of about 450 barrels of syrup for a local buyers. His company creates two full-time jobs and four others during the season.

“We anticipate reaching the milestone of the 600 barrels with the addition of taps and new equipment” he continued.

Its facilities were built on part of the Crown land which was available for the sugar of his father.

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